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Machine Learning in Geology

I aim to systematically investigate the use of ML techniques for the solution of problems that are relevant to geological applications. This line of research has been sparked in 2014 thanks to the funding grants “Challenge: Coupling macHine leArning, Leading anaLytical mEthods aNd larGe gEochemical datasets in tephra studies” (PI: Maurizio Petrelli, 2015/2017), “ENGAGE: machinE learNinG Applications for Geological problEms” (PI: Maurizio Petrelli, 2019/2020), the Microsoft Machine Learning Award (PI: Maurizio Petrelli, 2015) provided by the University of Perugia and Microsoft Inc., respectively. From June 21 to July 5, 2023, I spent a fantastic time in Beijing and Hangzhou by visiting the China University of Geoscience and the Zhejiang University, respectively. There, I made seminars on the use of ML techniques in Earth Sciences and a plenary lecture titled "Machine Learning in Petrology and Volcanology."

Selected Publications:

Dynamics and Timescales of Volcanic Plumbing Systems

This line of research focuses on the petrological, volcanological and geochemical characterization of magmatic systems with particular emphasis on time-scales estimates of magmatic processes. To do that, I combine the use of numerical simulations, experimental petrology, and the study of natural samples.  

Selected Publications:

Development of the LA-ICP-MS Laboratory @UNIPG

In 2001, I started the development of the LA-ICP-MS laboratory at the Department of Geology, University of Perugia. Since 2002, I have successfully run the LA-ICP-MS with activities that include the maintenance of the instrumentations, the development of analytical protocols, the analysis of natural and experimental samples, and the support of external users. Currently, the LA-ICP-MS lab in Perugia hosts two LA-ICP-MS systems, and it is actively involved in many scientific projects.

Selected Publications:

Ph.D. Students

Mónica Ágreda López

Unravelling plumbing system dynamics by Machine Learning

Giulia Fisauli

Tephra investigation coupling conventional and Machine Learning techniques 

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