Introduction to Python in Earth Science Data Analysis


This textbook introduces the use of Python programming for exploring and modelling data in the field of Earth Sciences. It drives the reader from his very first steps with Python, like setting up the environment and starting writing the first lines of codes, to proficient use in visualizing, analyzing, and modelling data in the field of Earth Science. Each chapter contains explicative examples of code, and each script is commented in detail. The book is minded for very beginners in Python programming, and it can be used in teaching courses at master or PhD levels. Also, Early careers and experienced researchers who would like to start learning Python programming for the solution of geological problems will benefit the reading of the book.

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Involvement and collaborations

I am always open to new collaborations worldwide. Feel free to contact me by mail  to discuss new ideas or propose a collaboration. You can also reach me through my personal website  or by Twitter. I love sharing the content of this book in short courses everywhere. If you are interested, please contact me to organize a visit to your institution.

Code Repository

I created a repository named python_earth_science_book on GitHub hosting the code listings of the book and the appendix gropuping Python libraries that have been developed to solve Earth Science problems. 

New book project in collaboration with Springer (Oct 2023)

Machine Learning in Earth Sciences

with examples in Python